Token Roadmap

Expected Release Date: Early Q3, 2022

Part of the reason we raised Venture Capital is so that we could have the best partners available to support a token launch.

We also really don't want to rush into a token drop - the intention is to make sure we have a sustainable ecosystem before we drop a token. More information on what that looks like here.

What do we need to build first?

We are taking a different approach to the creation of a token than nearly any other project in the space. We're building at the intersection of game design, smart contract development, and economics.

There is still a bit of product that we need to build in order to get us to a point where we'll feel ready. Here are some of the things we'll be building before we drop our token.

Game Mechanics

  • Farm Upgrading System

  • Better Questing System (and more quests)

  • More Single Player utility

Smart Contracts

  • After we've built our core game mechanics we'll need to transition the key elements of game play into smart contracts

Game Balance

  • We'll need to conduct a thorough audit of how each in-game item is getting spent and used

  • Careful and mathematical consideration for how to best balance that

Automated Tokenomics

  • An in-game shop that will double as liquidity pool for in-game items

  • An automated and open source system that controls the supply of certain in-game items to maintain an economic balance

Community-Oriented Features

  • Features that help users find and create farming guilds

  • A market place that helps users see more information on their land

Wen Token?

We estimate that these features will take our team about 4-5 months to develop. With the token drop currently scheduled for around July 2022.

As we're building we'll be looking at several important metrics of success that will help us know if we're on the right track.

  • % owners playing our game

  • Daily Active Users

  • Time spent per user

Once we get to the numbers we find strong conviction in, we will move ahead with our token drop.

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