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The Pixels Universe

Pixels is building the next-generation of Play-To-Earn. Pixels is an MMO where you can use the digital assets you already own as your avatars and where you actually own the progress and rewards you earn in the game.

Step One. Farming.

In the long term, we’re building a full MMO similar to Runescape where all progress is backed on the blockchain. An experience with a lot of skills, content, quests, and an active economy.

However early on as we build our tech and prove to our stakeholders we can deliver we are scoping down what we are building.

We’ll be building and releasing content in slices, or skill-by-skill.

Farming is the first skill that has been released. We’re taking heavy inspiration from Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley for our first set of game mechanics.



We are fully bought into the future that is play-to-earn. We’re creating a standard for the world where equitable wealth distribution, transparency, and ownership is the expectation. True Digital Ownership.

Play-to-earn is awesome because it brings really interesting incentives and opportunities that didn't exist in the world of gaming before.

Aligned Incentives

The most valuable asset in the world is time. The play-to-earn model allows for a new type of investment into companies. The investment of a user’s time.

Early players who invest time into our ecosystem become stakeholders in our ecosystem. Their investment not only makes our ecosystem better - but as the project advances and gains more traction, our early players will also share in the rewards.

Fair Distribution

Games typically make 95% of their revenue from 2% of their users - the 🐳 whales 🐳. However, it’s the other 98% of users that are responsible for actually making games fun to play.

The average player is actually extremely valuable to a gaming ecosystem - however, they don’t capture any of this value - right now 100% of profits go to the gaming company.

The play-to-earn model corrects this and distributes profits and revenue more fairly to the users who are investing their time and energy into the platform.

True Ownership

Own the progress you make in a game. Get rewarded for the time, effort, energy, sweat, and tears you put into a game. Be assured that your progess is saved forever on the blockchain.


Check out our roadmap to dig more into how we plan on building out this vision and what exactly that looks like.

Product Roadmap

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