Our Thesis

A common criticism in the play-to-earn space is that demand for a token is typically generated through an influx of new users - or even worse the token's value is propped mainly through speculation. The question then becomes - what happens when projects release a core mass of users?

We believe in generating demand through a token through good gameplay. Creating game loops and mechanics that will get people coming back to our game for the game, and giving plenty of reasons for our users to be using our token in-game.

Our Core Technology

We are building at the intersection of game design, smart contract development, and economics. All three of these come into play in our token and finding the right balance and constraints between the three is the key challenge we're tasked with exploring.

Demand Through Fun

We believe that we can induce demand for a token by continuing to build gameplay loops that get each of our relevant stakeholders engaged and hooked into our game.

This model is already proven to work through traditional gaming. Fortnite makes $2 billion in revenue selling cosmetic upgrades - all because people care about their game and they have fun playing it.

Over the next several months the goal is to continually increase mental buy-in into our game. We'll be focusing on several metrics to track and improve this as we continue to release new features and get feedback on them

  • % owners playing our game

  • Daily Active Users

  • Time spent per user

In-Game Utility

One of the key mechanisms to increase demand for a currency is by increasing money velocity. As we design game features, thinking about how the token we have integrates into each feature is top of mind.

The more we get the token spent in-game and moving hands the healthier our game economy.


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