Long Term Roadmap

We want to bring play-to-earn to the masses. As we build we're focusing on 3 key points to create a better future for Play-To-Earn.

  • Accessibility

  • Fun

  • Equity


Web3 in general is not very user friendly. Not only is setting up a wallet intimidating for many people - but this space in general is also not friendly to all types of people.

We want to be able to reach as many people as possible. This means making sure our UI/UX is really easy to set up, making sure that no one is priced out of playing, creating an inclusive environment for all types of people, and on a platform that anyone can access.


  • Mobile App

  • 1 Click Multichain Login

  • Lazy Minting of Avatars


This sounds obvious. But if you've spent time in this space you'd understand why this needs to be a core piece in our roadmap.

The only way to have a successful project in this space to make sure we remember the key part of play-to-earn: play.


  • Fully build out the farming game skill

  • Introduce a new skill

  • Build out more quests


Opening play-to-earn to more people and creating a better environment for casual players will lead to greater adoption. Also providing say to our stakeholders in how this project is ran


  • Governance Token

  • Open Source Code

  • Programs to onboard new users into Web3


Q1 2022

  • NFT Drop

  • Farm Land Access

  • Team Assembly

  • Farm Land Upgrades

  • Guilds

Q2 2022

  • Build more utility for Farm Land

  • Build more single-player content

  • Prep for Token Launch

  • Blockchain-back all game mechanics

  • In-house Market-Place

Q3 2022

  • Token Drop

  • Web3 Accessibility Tools (Multi-chain Login, Lazy Minting)

  • Token Support

Q4 2022

  • Native Mobile App

  • Automated Economics

  • Open Sourced Backend


  • Governance Token

  • New Skill

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