Farm Land NFT

5000 plots of land - our genesis NFT collection that gives you access to your own piece of virtual Farm Land. Access our core game mechanic, customize your plots with our world builder, and invite others onto your farm to share in the rewards.


On January 31st, 2022 we opened up mint for our Farm Land NFTs.

We released a stripped-back version of our game a month before mint. Every single action you did in the game earned you points. To mint our NFT you had to be in the top 2000 point earners.

The intention behind this was to make sure we have good quality holders who care about what we're building and who actually like our game.

Benefits of Ownership

Access to Game Mechanics

Get access to exclusive game mechanics and earning mechanisms.

pageLand Ownership

Vote On Proposals

Get a direct say in how we build the game - holders can vote on proposals in proportion to ownership.

What Do the Traits Do?


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