Our Approach

We believe that creating a fun and enjoyable experience for all types of stakeholders is the key to building a sustainable play-to-earn ecosystem. This is the key challenge.

Core Thesis

It sounds stupidly simple - but we think there is a massive opportunity in the play-to-earn space to create a game that is fun and engaging for a wide variety of people.

Building In Public

As we build, receiving feedback and input for our community is going to be one of our strongest assets.

Our team is actively engaging with our community - making sure that our community's input is going directly into product and game decisions.

Gradual Decentralization

We believe that many projects drop their tokens too early.

We're building our game mechanics first and then blockchain backing them afterward. The goal is to build engaging mechanics that get people coming back to our game - for the game, and then blockchain backing each mechanic with the end goal of a token drop.

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